Naturally, our favorite dance teachers are Curt and Wendy Johnson. Not only because they happen to be Vikings and they choreographed all our Leadout dances, but also because, over the years, most of us have taken lessons from them. They are infinitely patient and have taught for 30 years. They teach Ballroom Dance. On Thursdays, Beginners at 6:30 and Intermediate at 7:30, Vestavia Hills Civic Center (see Directions in Links). The same dance is taught for the whole month (September through June). The cost is $5.00 per lesson per person. Curt and Wendy offer several other dance lessons at various venues throughout the Birmingham Metro Area. Please contact their Website (below) for the latest Lesson Schedules. Phones: (205) 419-5104 and (205) 532-0747. Email:  Website:

The Dr. Dance Studio is excellent. The costs are $32.50 per 1/2 hour private lesson when buying more lessons at once, or $40 when buying one at a time.  Group lessons $7 per hour, if you are taking private lessons.  Instructors are: Kim Smith, Steve Hadley, Mack Wilson and Shae Tello. An Introductory Lesson Package is $50 for a guest of a Dr. Dance student. This includes three 1/2 hour private lessons, two group lessons and a dance party. Thursday night dance parties are free, as are group dances they attend at places like JBY Ballroom Dance Club every month (admission paid by students). No extra charge for a couple taking lessons together. Phone: (205) 945-1266.

Ken George & Anne England. Ballroom Lessons. South Highland Presbyterian Church. Tuesdays  7:00-8:30. $3.00. Partner desirable but not required. 2035 Highland Avenue South  35205  at 21st Street South. Anne’s Email: Noelle Read’s Website: Phone (205) 933-0790 Ext. 13. 30-40 attendance.

Pat Abbott. East Coast Swing/Jitterbug Lessons. Tuesdays. Beginning triple step (slower) east coast swing 7:00-8:00.  Intermediate triple step swing 8:00-9:00.  $5 per class. $8 per couple.  Fellowship Hall. Riverchase United Methodist Church. Directions in Links. Phone: (205) 427-3737.