Brief History of the Birmingham Fraternal Council (BFC)
There are indications that some of the clubs of the Birmingham Fraternal Council (BFC) may have started as early as 1918, however the Council's records begin in the 1920s. Some clubs closed during World War II (most men were overseas), but many members have been ballroom dancing for 60 years. A recent Council Summer Dance was attended by 150 members and guests (See Social Scene, The Birmingham News, Friday, August 01, 2008). According to Hugh Harbin, the President of the BFC, “The banding of these clubs was started around 1928. In 1941 the organization was named ‘The Council of Clubs’ and on June 13, 1963 it was incorporated as The Birmingham Fraternal Council.”

Birmingham Fraternal Council acts as the parent organization to 13 independent and separate Chapters (Clubs). The BFC governs these various chapters and promotes the social welfare and fellowship of the members. The members work together to promote many beneficial common causes. The BFC is a private organization and membership is by invitation only. It is one of many dance driven organizations in the Birmingham area that has put Birmingham, Alabama in the top ten dancing communities in the United States (see Links).

Chapters consist of ten to 25 members. The common interest is social ballroom dancing. Each chapter entertains the entire membership by sponsoring a dance (Leadout) once a year and the Council sponsors a President’s Ball, New Year’s Eve Ball, and three Summer Dances. The 2008 membership is 200 members. We know of no other area that has a social organization that promotes social functions as does the