The idea of a new Council Chapter was brought up during a social gathering in 2003 with the Harbins, Midliks, and the Gracianettes. The decision was made to attract compatible couples who liked to dance and to socialize. In January 2004 Hugh Harbin asked Marvin Worley, Jr., the President of the Jackals to sponsor a new chapter in the Birmingham Fraternal Council (BFC). The Jackals membership “overwhelmingly voted to sponsor the new group.”
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On January 11, 2004 a meeting was held at the Harbins’ residence with the following couples in attendance: Andy & Judy Anderson, Art & Margaret Gracianette, Curt & Wendy Johnson, John & Martha McKee, Bill & Mollie Midlik, Bob & Lisa Powers, Alan & Bess Speegle, Dwight & Pat Taylor and Leon & Bobbie Vaughn. They decided to name the new BFC Chapter the Vikings. The first Leadout date was set for October 30, 2004, with the Tradewinds band agreeing to play for it.

Jack & Shirley Vaughn joined at the February 2004 meeting. Later in February, the Vikings were joined by Jim & Trish Benedict. Stan and Carol Downey joined in May, 2004, while Andrew & Regina Rózsa, Larry & Sandy Faulkner, and Finlay Johnson joined the Vikings in October 2004.

The initial officers of the Vikings were elected as follows: Hugh Harbin/ President; Curt Johnson/ VP; Andy Anderson/ Treasurer; Alan Speegle/ Secretary; Bill Midlik/ Social Secretary; Dwight Taylor/ Historian; Art Gracianette/ Parliamentarian; and Leon Vaughn as Temp. Council Representative. The Chapter By-Laws were approved by the Vikings Membership on July 25, 2004. The Vikings' first Leadout, "The Vikings Are Coming," on October 30, 2004, was a great success.

The Vikings Chapter was voted into the BFC on November 9, 2004, with 16 members as Charter Members.